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Call for Papers for the 2021 FISU World Academic Conference in ChengduNovember 17, 2020 | Source: | The Chengdu 2021 FISU World Academic Conference with the theme of "University Sports: Embracing a Colorful World" will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China during the 31st Summer Universiade in 2021. Experts and scholars engaged in university sports and related research fields are welcome to participate in this conference. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Conference name Chengdu 2021 FISU World Academic Conference

2. Organizer International University Sports Federation (FISU)

3. Organizer Chengdu 2021 FISU World Academic Conference Organizing Committee (Chengdu Universiade Executive Committee Universiade Village Department, Chengdu Sport University)

4. Meeting place Chengdu Century City International Conference Center (198 Century City Road, Chengdu)

5. Meeting time August 19-21, 2021 (Registration on August 18, formal meeting on 19-21, and departure on August 22 to watch the Universiade games)

6. Participants (1) Scholars, scientific and technological researchers (2) University sports managers (3) Officials of the Organizing Committee (4) Family members of the International Federation of Sports (5) Industry leaders and young elites (6) University teachers and students, physical education personnel

7. Conference scale 700 participants (about 100 guests and experts), covering countries and regions all over the world.

8. Forms of communication (1) Conference report (2) Special report (3) Panel discussion (4) Round table salon (5) Panel discussion (6) Poster exchange (7) Cultural exchange activities (8) Exhibition of traditional sports culture (9) Experience and visit of the integration of sports and medicine

9. Language of communication English

10. Theme The conference was organized around college sports, the theme was "University Sports: Embracing a Colorful World", and 4 topics were set up: Topic 1: Sports make cities better Topic 2: Health makes life brighter Topic 3: Technology makes the future smarter Topic 4: Culture makes the world more integrated

11. Summary submission requirements (1) The author shall ensure the authenticity and objectivity of the content of the paper, and he shall be responsible for the article. The request abstract has not been published publicly, and there is no academic misconduct. (2) The summary format (WORD) requirements are as follows: All language should be in English; correct spelling, grammar, and proper contextual usage of words. All abbreviations must be fully defined in the abstract at least once before being used. It is not allowed to include the unit, etc. in the submitted abstract. All abstracts submitted must follow the format in the example below. 1. The main part of the abstract is 300-600 words (excluding spaces/title/subtitle/author section). 2. The title of the abstract is limited to 15 (English) words. 3. The main body of the abstract: Natural sciences can refer to the following parts: purpose, methods, results, conclusions, and the main content of the social science abstract is not limited. 4. Include the names, institutional units and emails of all authors. The English name should include the complete first name, the middle initial (optional) and the complete last name. Cannot list degrees and certificates. 5. References, photos, illustrations, charts, etc. are not allowed to appear in the abstract. (3) Each person shall submit 2 manuscripts as the first author. (4) All submissions must be made through the website, and the final submission date is February 1, 2021 Beijing time. (5) The organizing committee will establish the "2021 FISU Young Scholar Award", and applicants must submit the full text (see attachment for application requirements). (6) Excellent manuscripts will be recommended in the international journal "Sports Medicine and Health Science"( Https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/sports-medicine-and-health-science ).

12. Registration matters The form of registration is online registration. Time: December 1, 2020-June 30, 2021 Website: http://www.chengdufisu.com The registration fee includes: (1) Lunch, coffee break, and dinner (including welcome dinner and farewell dinner) on 19-21. (2) Official publications and small gift packages. (3) If you need to accompany you, please limit it to two persons. (4) Watch the games of the sports meeting. (5) Participate in traditional sports and cultural exchange activities. (6) Participate in the experience and visit of sports and medicine integration activities. (7) Transportation expenses for collective visits to university campuses and Universiade Village in the city. (8) During the conference (18-22) shuttle bus (airport, railway station to the venue).

13. Matters needing attention (1) The organizing committee of the conference has established a certain number of preferential places. According to the "World Bank's 2020 Country Income Classification", participants in "low-income" and "lower-middle-income" countries or regions After admission, you can apply to the organizing committee for exemption of registration and accommodation fees (see https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/.../906519-world-bank... for the classification list). (2) The schedule, main report, accommodation, transportation and other information will be notified in the follow-up notice. 14. Contact Chengdu 2021 FISU World Academic Conference Organizing Committee Office Email: 2021fisuwc@cdsu.edu.cn Conference website: http://www.chengdufisu.com Contact number: (028) 85058170 WeChat public account: Contact Address: No. 2, Tiyuan Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China