Asian-Pacific University Futsal & Cheerleading Championship: Grand Opening!

Lingwu, China - On the evening of Sep. 18th, the Opening Ceremony started at 19:30. AUSF President Xue Yanqing, Vice President Jargalsaikhan D., Vice Secretary General Shen Zhen, OC President and Lingwu Mayor Ma Zizhong attended the Ceremony. This championship was fully supported by the Education Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Sports Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningxia Football Association, and other related departments.
Different from the traditional march-in, the combined team march-in highlighted the Ceremony, that is, the Cheering team came into the field first and then cheered as the futsal teams follows. The passionate girls not only lighted up the field, but also the futsal teams.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Ma Zizhong welcomed all friends from home and abroad. He said 2017 Asian-Pacific University Futsal & Cheerleading Championship is the first international championship hosted by Lingwu. It is also a historical moment of Lingwu sports development. The Organizing Committee promised to provide the best and most effective and considerate service to all delegations. Mr. Jargalsaikhan congratulated on grand opening and expressed his appreciation to Federation of University Sports of China(FUSC), Sports Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Education Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Lingwu Municipal Government for the wonderful organization, on behalf of AUSF. He said that this championship was the first joint program between AUSF and Oceania University Sports Federation, which was an innovative act to combine futsal and cheerleading to make the competition more appealing. At last, he wished all teams performing the best and the Championship a great success!
After the Opening Ceremony, a 15-minutes performance of traditional Chinese dances and drumming performance were presented to all the delegations. The participating teams were very excited about the new-style march-in and entertained by the wonderful dances.
The Opening Ceremony and Opening Match between China and New Caledonia were live broadcasted by the Ningxia TV Station. The matches in the afternoon (starting at 16:00) and evening (starting at 19:00) will be live broadcasted every day.
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